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"Thank you Cynthia - It was difficult dealing with years of memories and deciding how to handle all the things. You helped me deal with a situation that was just too overwhelming for one person to handle."

- Shirley Senda

“Our dad had a medical event and needed to move from his beloved apartment of 15 yrs. To a retirement community with continuum of care facilities. The selection of the facility and the move had to be completed in 10 days – due to the urgency of the situation. We were provided a SMM brochure at Arcadia. We contacted them immediately as were challenged with moving my dad’s 2 bedroom apartment of possessions (and being a depression baby – he saved everything – into a studio – all within 10 days.) SMM and Cynthia were terrific! They came out for a consult the next day. They were professional.”

- Annie

“Cynthia, Let me thank you and all SMM staff for making our down-size and relocation so easy for me. You were able to accommodate our special circumstances, and adapted your schedule to our needs. I hope you can help my sister in her relocation whenever she decides where she wants to move to eventually. You all are remarkable members of Les & Shirley Ihara’s ohana!”

- Aloha, Lawrence Enomoto

“Senior Move Managers are definitely angels sent down from heaven to help us. They are professional, friendly, show care and concern and treat things as their own. They sent me pictures throughout the whole process. The process of moving was very easy (for me anyway) and because I was given peace of mind due to the constant communication and friendliness of Cynthia. They handled everything from packing, moving, hauling to storage (which they set up), and taking of pictures that were emailed to me throughout the whole 40 hour process.

I was saved the expense of flying over there from Oregon and the stress of attempting to do it all myself. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

- Ms. Strauser

“Respectful and informative. They helped us sort the possessions – Those to keep – Those to mail to relative – Those to donate – Those to trash. They move my Dad in half a day – no trauma, no problems. I am also appreciative of Cynthia and SMM to provide expertise in a time of crisis. We were in such good hands. I highly recommend them, and am so grateful to them.”

- Ms. Berssenbrugge

“After I retired I told myself that, at last, I would slowly de-clutter my house. Well, 2 years passed, and nothing happened. Then I saw an article in Mid Week about Senior Move Managers. I procrastinated for another 2 months before calling. I was too embarrassed to have anyone see the dirt and clutter in my home. Then I decided that I had to face the reality that I could not do it alone and that my disabled husband could not help me so I called Cynthia. Cynthia was so helpful and did not “push” me to agree to anything. SMM sent me an angel named Nate and he performed an absolute miracle! I got rid of so much junk and was to donate so many books and household goods that I could donate to others. SMM made donating easy and arranged for the “junk” to be removed. I can’t thank Senior Move Managers  enough. Cynthia and Nate are miracle workers.”

- Diana Capili

“A difficult job was done quickly and professionally. The team was cheerful and helpful at all times.”

- Henderson

“I have not worked with a company that showed such concern for their clients belongings as well as helping clients save money. It was a relief to work with them, have everything handled from packing, moving, to storage and pictures sent throughout the whole process.”

- Sandy

Cynthia Arnold and her team provided comprehensive assitance to my family. My sister and I live out of state and the death of our mother, the needs of our father and maintenance of the family home in a time of transition were more than we could manage. Cynthia met with us promptly, stayed in touch via email and phone when were not in Hawaii. SMM provided packing, shipping, house and car maintenance, repairs over time as my needs changed.

After my father needed to leave the home, SMM helped us manage the empty home then moved personal items to a care facility for my father. When he passed away, SMM helped us move things back home and distributed furniture and household goods to local friends.

SMM were an essential link for us - local contacts, local knowledge and a very personal service and support in stressful and changing needs and circumstances while we came and went to the take care of our father and his house. I recommend SMM 100%. They are flexible, honest and dependable. Indispensable to us and our family this past year.

- Barbara Craver

“I first heard about the company, De-Clutter from my friend who had used them when she was moving to another place and selling her house. I called Cynthia Arnold just to see what the cost would be and what they could do for me since we're planning on downsizing and moving into a smaller place.

Cynthia was very helpful, when i explained to her that we would probably need to do the moving and selling, etc. in several phases. She provided me with a general estimate for phase one which in my opinion was very reasonable. During phase one, they sold some of the stuff i wished sold, moved certain items to where i wished to have it moved (sister's house) and threw away items i wished discarded.. When we got together to settle payment, Cynthia deducted all items sold (they do not keep a penny for items sold) plus also deducted the hours it took to do these things since the first estimate had a certain number of hours but it took less than planned. My bill I was happily surprised to see was very low.

The company is very honest, straightforward and easy to work with. We will be working with the company again when ready for phase two.”

- Gail Glushenko

“The task of sorting and “de-cluttering” my father’s condo after he moved to a retirement home was an enormous and perhaps frightening experience to handle.  However, after meeting with Cynthia Arnold, she provided me with the reassurance and confidence that all would go well.   She relayed the important points to consider and laid out a plan of action with my tasks and responsibilities as well as her team’s.  In the end, all went well for the one-day de-cluttering and storing.

In addition, Cynthia helped me with another plan of action to renovate the condo in preparation for its sale.  This was an area of service I was not aware of that Senior Move Managers provided.    She quickly contacted a variety of vendors to assist with the renovation, followed up with the scheduling, and eventually oversaw the completion of refurbishing.  Due to her excellent coordination, the renovation work was completed within 3 weeks and the condo was ready to be sold.  This was most appreciated since I returned to my home in Singapore after the first week of renovation, and Cynthia carried on the work and followed up for me after I left.

I would highly recommend the expert services of Senior Move Managers to assist any family that requires downsizing, de-cluttering, or moving.”

- Hilda Min

“Thank you very much for helping us move from our home to Craigside Place. The transition was perfect - everything was in place, just like it was never moved. My wife and I are very satisfied.”

- Wilbur Yee

“Many sincere mahalo for the expertise and service provided by the Senior Move Managers LLC.”

- Florence Nakamura

“We chose to use the services of Senior Move Managers because we had lots of ‘stuff’ cluttering our three-bedroom home we had for 42 years. It was the best decision we made as we prepared to downsize and move to a one-bedroom apartment at 15 Craigside Place. Having Senior Move Managers’ staff help with their suggestions on how to downsize was invaluable to us because we were quite reluctant to ‘toss’ things out. Their staff was always ready and willing to move the many boxes of personal goods and furniture items to not only our new apartment but to our church and other locations. The staff’s positive attitude made the move so easy for us. Not once did we see or hear any ‘monku’ from them as they had the hard task of moving large and heavy boxes, furniture and hangers of clothes.

For families who are facing downsizing and moving, we recommend Senior Move Managers. They made our move simple and painless. Mahalo and aloha.”

- Gene and Roberta Kaneshiro

“If we didn’t have the service of the Senior Move Managers our moving out from the four bedroom house to this 1 bedroom unit at 15 Craigside would have been impossible. The employees work at such amazing speed and efficiency.”

- The Irinakas

“Mom just moved into a care home, and Dad had passed away five years earlier. I needed people whom I could trust to clear out my parents’ home of nearly sixty years. The task would be daunting as it was a large two-story Kaimuki house with six bedrooms filled with a lifetime of personal possessions. The staff at Senior Move Managers proved to be professional and caring from start to finish.

They went through literally thousands of items in two weeks. Everything was either discarded, donated, or sold. Shortly after they began, they discovered a large sum of money and some jewelry, and contacted me right away to pick it up. That action alone boosted my trust in them tremendously.

After the first week, they asked me to personally go through some boxes of papers, photos, and other mementos that they thought would have meaning to our family. I now have many precious treasures which are part of our family history.

Senior Move Managers coordinated the clearing of two sheds in the back yard and the cleaning of the house. They worked with my Realtor and even removed old appliances, carpets, and curtains. Even with the additional work, they met their deadline. The house was placed on the market and sold quickly.

I could not have done this without Senior Move Managers. I have the peace of mind that my family home was treated with respect by caring individuals. Do not hesitate to choose Senior Move Managers to help you clear your home or the home of someone you love. You can trust them to do the job.”

- Merrily Leong, December 2013

“Thanks to you and your company, a great weight has been lifted off my shoulders. When your crew came in to de-clutter my house, I felt a sense of great relieft. Not that I’m home from the hospital, I’m thankful that I can recuperate in a much better place. Peace of mind has brought much appreciation and enjoyment of my home. Much mahalo!”

- Florence M. Matsuda

“Thank you Cynthia and your staff for helping me with my move into 15 Craigside Place. It was very difficult for me at times to think that I would be leaving my home of 30 years, but having your help made things bearable. Thank you so much for your kokua.”

- Marian Tomoeda

“If we didn’t have the service of the Senior Move Managers our moving out from the four bedroom house to this 1 bedroom unit at 15 Craigside would have been impossible. The employees work at such amazing speed and efficiency.”

“The arduous task of moving from my home to 15 Craigside was smoothly accomplished primarily due to Senior Move Manager’s expertise. The pending move was worrisome but Senior Move Managers came to the rescue and solved the problem.

Manager Robert Ching was the optimum in overseeing the move. Professional with a positive move. Professional with a positive attitude, understanding, patient, courteous, etc. established a trusting work relationship. Periodic telephone calls kept me informed concerning the current status of the move. This was great as it enabled me to respond knowledgeably to inquiries and attain sensible decisions.

I appreciated the expertise and especially the can-do attitude that Senior Move Managers provided. I’ve recommended your services to friends who are contemplating a move in the near future.

Two months at 15 Craigside has been a gradual adjustment to living in a senior community. Quite an experience but without a doubt a wonderful lifestyle.”

- Laura Foo

“Cynthia, rob, John and the other staff at Senior Move Managers went beyond our expectations to prepare our house for sale. They were compassionate and respectul to us, knowing that items held special memories and assisted us in having those items shipped to family. They were very efficient hard workers. We had total trust and confidence in their recommendations and plan of action. Communication was quick and efficient; they arrived they said they would and completed each task with attention to detail. They made the process easy and we are grateful.”

“Robert Ching ... made a  difficult move easier to handle.’

- Patricia Moore

“Senior Move Managers were very efficient – so fast and friendly, great people to work with. They cleared my mom’s house in 1 ½ days! I would readily refer their services to anyone that needed such help. Thank you for all your help.”

"Declutter Hawaii (aka Senior Move Managers Hawaii) is such a blessing! I do not know how I could have cleared out my parent’s home without them. They were beyond professional and such a pleasure to work with, almost like family and friends coming over to help you. They helped me move my mom into a care home, moved our most precious belongings for which we couldn’t part into storage (that they found for us), arranged our garage sale, posted big ticket items for sale online, hauled everything else that didn’t sale away for donation, and shipped boxes back to me on the mainland. The services SMM Hawaii provides is worth every penny. Thank you so much for all your help and support."


Leslie T.

Dear Cynthia and Jon,

We wanted to take this moment to thank you for the awesome job you did for us. We would have been lost without your help. The house is in escrow (with the help of Ali) and Auntie is happy in her new room at Kalakaua Gardens.

As the Lord has brought Ali into our lives, we know that he also brought you into our lives. We are truly grateful.

With warment Aloha,

Sandy and Lynn


To Cynthia and the Gang,

Thanks for everything you did. I had good comments from everyone about how professional your crew was – so courteous and accommodating. Sorry we kept you so late on the move in day with the last minute changes. I have passed your name along to those who asked.

Thanks again,

Betty N


Dear Cynthia,

Jonathan and Cullen were really great to work with. That made the clean-up process so much easier.

You can bet that I will recommend your company’s services to friends and family who may need it. It would have taken me so long if I tried to tackle this job by myself. I am slowly re-organizing my things. Such a great thing to have “space.” Also I need to buy another shredder!! Think I’ve been abusing it!!

Mahalo again for your great service,

Lenora S

“I have had the privilege of using Senior Move Managers twice in the last several years and I have been more than happy with their work. They are very organized, professional, helpful and certainly make a move a lot less stressful for us seniors. They pack you, unpack you and put things where you want them to go. It took less than a day whereas it would have taken me a week. Can’t say enough nice things about them.”

- Joan R.

Dear Cynthia,

My husband and I had been thinking about selling my uncle’s house because he was in a care home. It was so overwhelming because we didn’t know where to start so we let go of that idea until my daughter told me about your company, Senior Move Managers.

When we met you everything was explained to us and reassured us you would take care of everything. Your team worked hard to remove everything in a day. I had forgotten a special photo of our uncle and mentioned to you. We went to check the house and  I can’t believe how big the house looked. Everything was gone except for a box filled with things you all thought we might want to keep including my uncle’s photo! There were some important papers I needed and used for my uncle’s care. I can’t thank you enough because this helped me so much! The house was ready for sale and sold two months later! We couldn’t have done it without your help!

Cynthia, everything you promised to do for us was done in such a very efficient and professional way. You were always so willing to go out of your way to help us and we could never forget this. I appreciate you always wanting to do your very best in a caring manner.

I have told my friends about you and your company and they are very interested in getting help from you. They didn’t know there was a company like yours. One friend already called you and another friend will be ready in a few months.

I highly recommend you and Senior Move Managers to everyone.

Much Mahalo,

Vida Ann

Dear Cynthia and Jonathan,

The best thing I did for myself last year was to utilize your services to declutter my home.  You both were consistent, professional and discreet in my association with you which I appreciated. You were well organized with a “to-do” list which was followed through by the time you were done.  You answered my questions about how to disposed of certain items, assisted me in the shipping of other items to family and friends, hauled my trash away each day you were here so I didn’t have to have a huge trash bin in my front yard, etc.,etc., etc.  You were a fountain of information of issues that arose as we decluttered.  You were on time and followed through on issues. There’s probably more I could say but I think you understand that I was glad I selected your service.

Thank you for all that you did - you were truly a life saver.

Helen P.

Dear Cynthia & the De-Clutter Hawaii Team,

Thank you so much for what you did for us! We had a full renovation and needed to empty out 30 years’ worth of  clutter.

We tried to do this on our own (Just the 2 of us) and we weren’t getting much accomplished. A while back, we picked up your business card at a senior fair. It was like fate was guiding us to your company.

We found out your team did a wide range of services. Services that were such a God send to us!

You made an action plan with a doable timeline. You gave us boxes and packing supplies and the extra hands to pack, bring to storage, donate items and even dispose of items.

Then when the renovation was complete, your team came back and bought items from storage and helped us place items in their proper homes.

You even helped us sell items to bring in extra cash!

We (Doug and Donna Loo) are so glad we found and hired you. We may move in the future and know we can trust your team with this move as well.

A very grateful couple.

Doug and Donna Loo